Art School for Adults: A 6-Step Plan

Today, people strive to learn not only virtual networks, but also the world around them. By attending sports sections, music schools and other activities, they are distracted from everyday worries and at the same time develop spiritually and physically.

An art school for adults is a good way to create a unique business that will be not only profitable for its owner, but also interesting for all participants in the process.

Why open an art school for adults?

Now people are ready to develop in all directions and pay money for it. This is the main reason why an adult art school has the right to exist as a business project.

In addition, there are a number of other reasons:

  1. Minimum business investment.At the first stage, 50-100 thousand rubles will be enough if you draw up a business plan correctly.Once you see that the school is making a profit, you can buy materials, equipment and hire workers.
  2. Many are self-development.In the 21st century, sports, self-development and education are integral components of a successful person.Also, if not everyone had such an opportunity in childhood or adolescence, adults can fulfill their dreams and develop natural talents.
  3. At the adult art school, demand exceeds supply.This means that there are practically no competitors, so there is every chance of becoming a leader in this industry.
  4. Deep business knowledge is not required.Most of those who run adult art schools are artists.That is, they are poorly versed in doing business, but if everything is done according to a clear plan, there will be no problems with starting a business.

We create a business plan for an art school for adults

Art studios are now a rarity, even in major metropolitan areas of the country.

In the past, public schools provided drawing lessons for free or for a small fee. And today this business can bring real profit if you hire good craftsmen, conduct an advertising campaign and attract customers with an original presentation and idea.

This requires a well-written business plan. Below we will consider the points that should be considered in it.

Item number 1. We select the target audience.

Each business is created for a certain group of people interested in its existence. This is the so-called target audience.

Classes in the art school are held mainly for children. We plan to open a studio for adults. In order not to miscalculate, it is necessary to conduct a survey that will show if there are those who want to learn how to draw.

It will also help you predict the approximate number of your future students. You will need this information when purchasing art school supplies.

You can create a survey yourself on social networks or contact specialists in this field, for example, the Institute for Social Research.

Item number 2. Business registration.

Any commercial activity must be registered with the local tax office.

An art school for adults can have 2 statuses:

  1. Non-state school.This status is required if you plan to issue certificates of completion to your students.Obtaining a permit will cost a lot of effort and money. It is necessary to prepare documents for such bodies as the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Pension Fund and, of course, the tax office.For a businessman, this is a big risk, because the business may not bear fruit.
  2. Registration as an IP.This option is more acceptable in this case, because there are no unnecessary hassles and costs.You just need to prepare a passport, application and TIN, as well as pay the state duty. This process will not take more than 2 weeks.Most drawing students don’t need degrees. Some do it for needlework purposes, others want to surprise a loved one with an original handmade gift.

At the first stages of creating an adult art studio, it is best to open an IP.
If the business gains momentum, then a specialized school can be considered later.

Item number 3. Room rental.

As soon as you pass the registration stage at the tax office at the place where the school was opened, you need to find a room.

It is desirable that the place be visible to everyone. That is, close to the center and not far from the metro or bus stop.

For an art school, it is important that the room is bright. It is necessary to install hoods that eliminate the smell of paint and solvent.

The study room should be spacious, as easels and chairs take up a lot of space. Therefore, first calculate the approximate number of students in order to understand how much you need to allocate a workplace for each.

The art school should have a separate room with sinks where you can wash your hands, brushes, etc.

Since your studio will be aimed at an adult audience, which mainly chooses evening classes, you can agree on a joint rental with a children’s art school for the first half of the day.

This will help to save on the rent of premises and equipment.

Item number 4. We buy equipment.

Here it is important to initially calculate how many groups will be involved in the art school and how many people are approximately in each of them.

Don’t count on a huge audience right away.┬áMaximum – 2-3 groups of 5 – 8 people.

It is necessary to purchase 10 easels and chairs for students and furniture for teachers (a table, a chair and an easel are enough).

Inventory nameQuantityCost in rubles
1 easelArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Planten25000
2. ChairsArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Plan1218000
3. Teacher’s tableArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Plana3500
4. A set of paints, pencils and brushes for the teacher and in stockArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Planfour10,000
5. Thinner for oil paintArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Plana420
6. CanvasArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Planfour2200
7. Clothes hangerArt School for Adults: 6 Step PlanArt School for Adults: 6 Step Plana3 100
TOTAL:72 220 rubles

Brushes, paints, thinner, paper can be bought in small quantities, you will only have them for the teacher and in reserve.

It is better for students to buy consumables on their own, within their budget. It will be cheaper for the owners of the art school and more convenient for the visitors themselves. After all, everyone can buy what he likes and suits the price.

You can search for used equipment and furniture.

Item number 5. Personnel selection.

Adults who want to learn art are willing to pay money for it. However, they require more attention. Everyone will have to personally explain the nuances, correct mistakes.

If the number of students in the group is minimal (5 – 10), 2 teachers will be required. In 2 hours of class, they will be able to convey all the useful information.

To choose the right teachers for an adult art school, it is important:

  1. Correctly formulate all the requirements for the candidate.
  2. Conduct an interview in person.
  3. Give a test task to check the level of professionalism.

The candidate then undergoes an internship. If you are inexperienced, you should take the time to learn the basics of working with adult learners.

It is important that your teachers constantly develop their skills.
This will help attending trainings, exhibitions, master classes of famous contemporary artists.

The salary of a teacher at an art school does not exceed 20 thousand rubles, but such nuances are decided in a preliminary conversation with the candidate.

As soon as the business starts to develop, you can hire an administrator, a security guard and a cleaner.

On a monthly basis, you will have to pay a salary approximately in the following amounts:

EmployeeSalary in rubles
1. Administrator25000
2. Teacher (2 people)40 000
3. Cleaning lady12000
4. Guard15,000
TOTAL:92 000 rub

Item number 6. PR campaign to attract an audience.

Even if your art school is located in the city center, hardly anyone will know about it without advertising.

There are many ways to advertise your business:

  • distribution of booklets, flyers, booklets;
  • video advertising on a local channel;
  • advertising in print media;
  • creation and promotion of sites;
  • advertising through social networks;
  • billboards, citylights.

To date, the most popular methods are the creation of a website and promotion in social networks.

To create a simple page on the Internet with a ready-made template, you will have to spend money on buying a domain and hiring a person to promote it.

On your website, you must place a price list with services, samples of student work, brief information about teachers, the address of the school and a phone number for contact.

Summing up our business plan, you need to spend at least 165,220 rubles to open an art school for adults.

The spending plan looks like this:

ExpensesCost in rubles
1. Acquisition of IP status3000
2. Room rental35000
3. School equipment72 220
4. Salary of teachers40 000
5. Advertising10,000
6. Payment of utilities5000
TOTAL:RUB 165,220

If the study is successful, the costs will quickly pay off, in about 1-2 years. Since a one-time visit costs at least 500 rubles per person.

To purchase a subscription to attend an art school, you will have to slightly reduce the cost; for 12 months, students usually pay from 3 to 5 thousand rubles.

The numbers are not final, it all depends on how much you plan to spend on buying equipment and renting a room.

How profitable is it to open an art school for adults?

Before you finally decide for yourself whether it is worth opening an art school for adults or not, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this undertaking.


  • originality of the business idea;
  • minimum of competitors;
  • you can start drawing on your own;
  • business can become not only a job, but also a favorite hobby for you and your colleagues.


  • If you open a non-state school, and not just an individual entrepreneur, you will have to spend a lot of money and time.
  • In a small town, a business like an adult art school can fail.
  • You will have to work in the second shift, at least until 10 am.
    After all, most adults are at work during the day and cannot attend classes.

Do you want to open an art school for adults?

Features of the organization of the process – in the following video:

An art school for adults is a good opportunity to become a successful businessman, first of all, for teachers and art lovers themselves.