beer store business plan

Capital investments: 460,000 rubles.
Return: 7-12 months.

Demand for beer exists all over the world, but some countries especially revere this drink.

Among them is Russia, where, according to statistics, beer is consumed only 2.5 times less than lovers of sparkling drink Czechs and Germans.

The quality of bottled beer leaves much to be desired and does not have a wide variety of flavors.

As a result, true connoisseurs and gourmets who value beer for its taste increasingly prefer draft beer.

Such a serving of the drink is only possible in pubs, cafes, bars or specialized breweries.

This makes the brewery business plan a coveted document among newcomers and enterprising sharks.

It is difficult to identify the target audience of consumers, because every second adult is ready to enjoy a delicious drink.

But even so, the “core” is made up of men aged 25 to 50 years, mostly white-collar workers.

Advantages and disadvantages of a beer store

Obviously, any business idea has its weaknesses and strengths.

It is important for an entrepreneur to know them and be able to assess whether they will become an obstacle in his business.

The demand for beer is constantly growing. Experts suggest that this trend will continue for a long time.One can note the pronounced seasonality of this business.
You can open a small brewery with a relatively modest investment.The wave of demand among consumers generates a high level of competition.
The average payback period for investments at one point is from 7 to 12 months.Visits peak at the end of the working day and week. At other times, there is a sharp drop in demand.

Beer Store Business Plan: Planning

Fun Fact:
Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world, dating back to the Early Neolithic or 9500 BC.

The main task for which a beer point business plan is drawn up is not even obtaining loans or investments to open a business.

The document is needed to plan what steps you will have to go through before opening a store, how long it will take and what risks may become an obstacle to commercial promotion.

Consider the main sections that help a novice entrepreneur build a scheme for organizing and developing a beer store.

Required documents for a beer store

The list of documents that are needed for a beer shop depends on the location of the TT.

If you open a point in a separate building, you will need:

  • An entrepreneur must register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.
  • If the premises are rented out, it is necessary to conclude an agreement in the prescribed manner with the owner.
  • SES and Gospozharnadzor will have to assess the premises and issue a conclusion that allows the store to function.
  • Conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Contracts are also concluded with all employees of the store.
  • The store must have a cash register with permits.

If you rent a space for a beer business in a shopping center or supermarket, the owners of the rented space are responsible for obtaining permits.

However, in this case, the entrepreneur needs to obtain permission to sell beer.

The sale of beer on the street can only be carried out with the permission of local authorities.

Requirements of the SES and the State Fire Supervision Service for the outlet

You cannot open a business without obtaining the appropriate permits.

The necessary stages of preparing the premises and their implementation should be included in the business plan of the beer store.

Entrepreneurs who ignore these rules will sooner or later face inspections and heavy fines.

For beginners, such a risk can be fatal and lead to the closing of the exit.

An example of requirements for the inspection of objects:

SSEState fire supervision
Walls and floors must be covered with washable tiles. The paint used must be non-toxic.The room must have an emergency exit that cannot be blocked or blocked.
In addition to conventional lighting (natural and artificial), there should be emergency lighting.All employees must be trained and know how to act in the event of a fire.
Heating and power supply systems must be installed and properly functioning at the facility.The store must be equipped with evacuation plans, fire extinguishers and fire detectors.

A complete list can be obtained by contacting the permitting organizations directly.

Marketing section for business plan

Why do some firms close after six months of work, while others scale up their activities and occupy a place in the market for decades?

One of the reasons is a well thought out marketing strategy.

Promotion planning and market analysis methods are given in a separate section in the beer store business plan.

Competitive advantages over other beer stores

As already mentioned, there is fierce competition in the beer business.

To stand out among the “rivals”, it is important to correctly present the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and advantages over other items.

Imagine three competitive advantages that could attract customers to this particular brewery over another:

Buyers ClubMost of the brewery’s customers are people who live or work nearby. Issuing discount cards on the first purchase or any other inclusion in the loyalty program will turn casual visitors into regular guests.
classifyPeople are looking for new flavors, even in beer. Introduction of new varieties to the range. Also, do not forget about the range of snacks that best complement the sparkling drink.
The draft beer store format appeared on the Russian market not so long ago. Therefore, few buyers can boast of a good knowledge of varieties. A few store popularity points will be added by sellers who understand beer and can give good advice.

Advertising in the business plan of a beer store

Using an advertising strategy for a business is vital.

You can use guerrilla marketing, which will minimize your advertising investment.

But it cannot be completely abandoned.

At least until the point of sale is promoted by word of mouth.

Use these methods:

  • grand opening of a store with music and balloons;
  • import beer in small batches, but regularly;
  • the assortment should include drinks of different price categories;
  • when issuing cards to regular customers, write down their numbers, to which you can then send SMS.

How to open a brewery?

Beer shop equipment

Equipment is worth buying only when you are absolutely confident in the long-term business.

If opening a point of sale is an experiment and finances are limited, it is better not to take risks and rent it.

The list of equipment, cost and name of suppliers should be reflected in the business plan of the brewery.

To get started you will need:

draft beerbeer store business planbeer store business plana
beer coolerbeer store business planbeer store business plana
Snack counterbeer store business planbeer store business plantwo
Beer barrels with hosesbeer store business planbeer store business planten
Gas cylinder and reducerbeer store business planbeer store business plan5
Fridgebeer store business planbeer store business plantwo
Cash machinebeer store business planbeer store business plana

Personnel in the business plan of a beer store

A pub requires few staff: it is enough to hire 2-4 people who will work in shifts.

They must have experience in customer service, equipment management, and an extensive beer knowledge base.

Job titleQuantitySalary (rub.)
Total:75 000 rub.
cashier cashiertwo20 000
Cleaning womana12000

If you opened an LLC to organize a beer store, you will need to invite a specialist who will take care of the accounting.

However, for a small point, hiring a full-time employee does not make sense.

This work may be subcontracted.

Calendar plan for opening a beer store

The calendar plan should be included in the beer store business plan.

It will allow you to understand at what time you need to open the outlet and notice if something goes wrong.

Event1 month2 months3 months
Business registrationbeer store business planbeer store business plan
Business model developmentbeer store business planbeer store business plan
Outlet design:
interior, equipment connection diagram,
sign an order
beer store business planbeer store business plan
Sign a lease agreementbeer store business planbeer store business plan
Repair work,
equipment of premises
beer store business planbeer store business plan
Recruitmentbeer store business planbeer store business plan
Launch of an advertising campaignbeer store business planbeer store business plan
Beginning of workbeer store business planbeer store business plan

Financial section of the beer store business plan

Financial calculations are called the most important section of a business plan.

They allow you to calculate the estimated amount of capital investments.

It is also important to calculate how much you will need to invest in business development.

After all, until the output pays off, you will have to invest money from personal funds.

The cost of opening a beer store in a business plan

Item of expensesCost, rub.)
Total:460 000 rub
Registration, documents25000
Repair and interior design75 000
Purchase of equipment200 000
Creation of a stock of beer raw materials100,000
Unrecorded expenses60 000

Current monthly expenses for the outlet

Item of expensesCost, rub.)
Total:210 000 rub
Premises for rent30-50 000
Communal payments10,000
Employee salary75 000
Advertising campaign15,000
other expenses10,000

Risks of opening a beer store

The business plan should also take into account potential risks that could affect the operation of the brewery.

It is necessary not only to know these dangers, but also to calculate actions to minimize them.

Possible risks:

  1. Live beer has a short shelf life.If you don’t have time to sell the whole lot, you just need to empty it.Taking the risk of selling sour beer will seriously ruin your reputation.
  2. Interestingly, in the West, trade in draft beer is practically not developed.So this business idea can be considered Russian.This means that you will not have examples and benchmarks, except for your competitors.
  3. Opinions of experts about the future of breweries differ.Someone is betting on the further development of the idea.Others predict a coming decline in demand.

A young entrepreneur shares his experience of running a beer business in a video:

Payback period for a business plan for a beer store

The average rate of return for domestic beer is 100%.

Such an indicator and the approximate sales figures of an average outlet allow us to conclude that the beer store will bear fruit in 7-12 months.

That’s an impressively short amount of time!

It is important to keep in mind that sales will drop significantly in winter.

Therefore, it is important for an entrepreneur to acquire a financial airbag and a customer base.

But in the summer, income can grow to 300,000 rubles a month.

Draft beer trade attracts with a low investment threshold and a quick payback.

However, this industry is associated with a number of risks and pitfalls.

That is why it is so important to draw up a business plan for a beer store before proceeding with the implementation of the idea.