Business plan for a veterinary clinic

How to open a veterinary clinic: business registration + equipment list + 7 ways to promote + financial calculations of the veterinary clinic business plan.

Capital investments in business – 2,200,000 rubles.
Amortization period of a veterinary clinic: 2-3 years.

The question of how to open a veterinary clinic most often arises because of great and sincere love for our smaller brothers.

Since childhood, many people have dreamed of opening an animal shelter or a place where they will be helped in adulthood. But it is also worth noting that this idea is not only noble, but also very profitable.

And the demand for veterinary clinics will continue to grow.

Let’s face it: love for the cause alone is not enough to start a business. This requires more serious preparation!

Let’s walk through each step of this process so you understand the work you have to do.

How relevant is the idea of ​​opening a veterinary clinic?

Assessing the relevance of an idea is the first and key step. No matter how ideally the business model is conceived, if the population does not need a service, they will be left without customers. Hence, non-commercial.

Current situation

At the moment, the market for veterinary services cannot be called saturated. There are not many clinics, especially if you appreciate small towns or villages.

In the latter, at best, a municipal point is open. The quality of the services provided is adequate, serious procedures are out of the question.

And the point is not at all that animals do not get sick as often as people. It’s just that even a person who feels bad usually “holds on” to the end and does not go to the doctor.

This is due both to the peculiarities of the mentality and to the high prices for medical services. So if people are saving on themselves, what about their pets?

Few owners can understand that something is wrong with a pet. Even fewer dare to take him to the veterinary clinic. Because this business is not growing very fast.

But animals usually not only suffer from ailments, but also need preventive measures that prolong their years and quality of life!

Forecast of the situation in the future

Anyone who wants to open a veterinary clinic needs to analyze the demand “on the spot”. Each locality will have its own terms and conditions.

Take the time and effort to check, this will save you from the decision to open a deliberately failed business.

In general, this line of business has development prospects. The main thing is to correctly determine the direction of movement.

For some localities, the affordable price of services matters. Others want everything from body care to complex surgeries to be done within the walls of a building.

Study your target audience to understand their desires!

Business plan for a veterinary clinic: registering a case

To open a veterinary clinic, an LLC is registered.

IP – an option that is suitable only for a private specialist. Without an LLC, you will not be able to obtain the necessary license and properly formalize the work. To speed up the registration process, it can be delegated to intermediaries.

If every penny is at stake, and communication with tax inspectors does not scare you, you can submit documents yourself, having previously studied all the details on the website of the Federal Tax Service: /yul/interest/reg_yl/registration/

Be careful when choosing codes for OKVED. As you know, a new classifier has been launched this year. On the Internet, you can see the codes 85.2 and 52 clinics, but at the moment they have nothing to do with veterinary business.

You will need the following OKVED-2 codes:

  • 75;
  • 76 if you intend to sell any drugs, animal products.

Obtaining a license to operate a clinic

Obtaining a license is an important step in opening a veterinary clinic. Perhaps there are few things that scare beginners as much as this stage.

In fact, not everything is so scary. Most importantly, follow the current licensing requirements as they change from time to time. To do this, visit the Rosselkhoznadzor website:

Also, check the list of required documents in the department corresponding to the territory. There may also be some differences depending on the region. Consideration takes, on average, 30 business days.

If you want to ease your burden and transfer the problem of obtaining a veterinary license to intermediaries, be prepared to pay from 30,000 rubles.

Contracts of the veterinary clinic with third parties

Few people know that for official work it is necessary to conclude contracts with some services:

  • with an organization that will take out solid household waste;
  • with a company that will dispose of specific waste (biological and medical);
  • with those who will process the premises from time to time (disinfection, treatment from insects, rodents).

Concluding contracts and performing work is not just a whim. Without these procedures (which must be documented!) the owner will have problems with the inspection authorities!).

How to open a veterinary clinic: finding a room

Clinics for our smaller brothers come in different formats: from a small room in a room with an area of ​​30 m2 to a whole complex with several floors.

When choosing, proceed from the needs and creditworthiness of the target audience; this is a very personal topic.

But there are a number of requirements for sites that are the same for everyone.

Location of the veterinary clinic

For a veterinary clinic, the location in the center is not necessary, with the exception of establishments that are positioned as a luxury. In other cases, bedrooms have more customers, as well as more affordable rents.

PS Attention: make sure there are no competitors near you! As a rule, one client of the clinic becomes a permanent one.

Those who decided to open a point before you already have a 100% accumulated base. They will only let you if your competitors are doing poorly.

It is good if there are public transport stops nearby, as well as a convenient check-in for cars. Remember that taking a pet with you is not always convenient.

A person who has to circle the yards in search of a veterinary clinic with a pet in his arms is unlikely to return a second time.

How to open a veterinary pharmacy?

Decoration of the premises of the veterinary clinic

The design of the clinic depends on the chosen format:

  • If only 1 doctor will receive clients, then two rooms will be enough: an office with an administrator and an office where medical manipulations will take place.
  • A large clinic with a wide range of services will have at least 4-5 rooms (hall, operating room, examination and consultation room, as well as a hospital).

The design of veterinary premises does not require original design moves. Remember: although this is a place for treating animals, not people, it is still a kind of medical center.

However, prints on the walls, unusual color of the walls and various veterinary posters are quite acceptable.

What equipment is needed for the full operation of the clinic?

Buying equipment is the most expensive step when opening a veterinary clinic. Of course, the list of equipment and furniture will vary depending on the range of services.

Consider an example of the maximum configuration for opening a large veterinary clinic, where all services for animals are provided:

AnalyzersVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planThey are necessary for testing and diagnostics.
There are highly specialized devices, there are universal ones.
Saving is not worth it, because. Accurate diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.Price: From 30,000 rubles.
displayVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planIf the doctor cannot control the condition of the “patients” during the procedures, there is a risk of emergency situations.
Of course, a monitor for a veterinary clinic differs from a “human” monitor in its configuration.Price: From 50,000 rubles.
Operating tableVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planThe first thing you should buy.Count on the fact that some animals are not inferior in size to a large person.Price: From 30,000 rubles.
x-rayVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planAlthough it is expensive, it is often needed in animal clinics – the investment will pay off quickly.Price: From 250,000 rubles.
coagulatorVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planAlthough it is expensive, it is often needed in animal clinics – the investment will pay off quickly.Price: From 250,000 rubles.
AnotherThe list of equipment for working with animals is very extensive (small inventory, aids, consumables).Price: From 300,000 rubles.
TrainingVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planEssential medicines should be in the clinic.
Special owners will buy more if needed.
But you must make a basic supply.Price: From 50,000 rubles.
Only for VIP-class clinics
IVLVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planMechanical ventilation is a procedure that is rarely used.
First of all, because the device is very expensive, few can afford it. It should be understood that often it will not be used in any case.
Then the restoration of the apparatus will stretch for an infinitely long time.
But if you do not have this equipment, you will have to send the customer to another location.
And the likelihood that they will return later is small.Price: From 540,000 rubles.
magnetic resonanceVeterinary clinic business planVeterinary clinic business planMRI is another machine that can be found in hospitals for humans, but is extremely rare for animals.The cost is staggering, but brain research is still urgently needed.Price: From 500,000 rubles.

What staff is needed to open a clinic?

The key to a clinic’s success is not its location, layout, or equipment. Much more important is who will work within its walls.

If you have ever read reviews about veterinary clinics, you know how often situations happen when doctors “cheat” and even allow “patients” to die.

Obviously, the responsibility for the death of an animal is much less than for such a situation with people. This leads to the emergence of doctors who carelessly do their job.

To hire such a person = to bury the business. Literally 2-3 conflict situations and the reputation will be ruined.

Therefore, carefully choose people for a veterinary position and do not skimp on good salaries.

It’s good if you yourself have experience in this industry and know what points to pay special attention to.

The number of doctors depends on how much work is planned. The role of an assistant can be performed by an administrator (option for small clinics).

No need to hire a person to clean. Cleanliness can also be monitored by the manager, and a general “cleaning” can be organized by a specially invited cleaning service.

Working hours of the veterinary clinic

A veterinary clinic is an institution that can work both part of the day and 24 hours. In most cases, entrepreneurs stop between the hours of 10:00 to 21:00 every day to start.

But if you decide to open a clinic in an urban bedroom, you need to upgrade to a 24/7 service.

First of all, because people usually bring pets in the most extreme situations, which can only happen at night or even in the morning. Secondly, in these areas, residents at 21.00 can only return from work.

By setting a 24-hour schedule, you will significantly expand the reach of your audience.

PS Tip: set a surcharge on the regular cost of visits to the clinic after 21:00.

How to attract clients to the animal clinic?

Advertising methods for promoting a veterinary clinic are countless. The choice depends solely on how much money you are willing to spend.

Most popular forms:

  • advertising on billboards;
  • bright external design of the veterinary clinic;
  • outdoor advertising in the form of banners, stretch marks, drawings on the sidewalk;
  • distribution of brochures to the mailboxes of nearby houses;
  • registration in catalogs of services on the Internet;
  • advertising messages on city forums and in communities of animal lovers;
  • printing business cards and distribution in shelters, pharmacies, pet stores.

How much will it cost to open a veterinary clinic?

Having determined what needs to be done to open such a business, we will calculate how much it will cost.

Starting investment in a veterinary clinic

The most expensive thing you need to invest in to open a clinic is equipment. And in general, a business idea “will cost a penny.”

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
LLC registration15,000
Get a license30,000
Repair + interior design100,000
Purchase of equipmentFrom 2 000 000
Advertising budget40 000
Expendable materials15,000
Total:2 200 000 rub

What you need to open a veterinary clinic – you already know, and how to successfully develop it, see the video:

Regular investment in an animal hospital

But running costs will be much lower. Its main part is the salaries of staff and the cost of renting premises.

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
Premises for rent60 000
Communal payments10,000
Staff salary80 000
Garbage removal, cleaning, security20 000
other expenses20 000
Total:190 000 rub

Profitability of the idea to open a veterinary hospital

Let’s estimate the average cost of the most popular veterinary services:

  • examination + consultation – 300 rubles;
  • vaccination – 150 rubles;
  • detailed examination (analysis) – 900 – 1200 rubles;
  • castration / sterilization – 1500 – 3000 rubles;
  • complex surgical interventions – 3,000-15,000 rubles.

Let’s calculate the possible profit of an average veterinary clinic that has a mini-shop with medicines for animals:

  • number of visitors – 25/day, 500/month (5-day schedule);
  • average check – 500 rubles;
  • monthly profit – 250,000 rubles;
  • net income – 60,000 rubles. (excluding taxes).

With this level of income, recovery will come in 2-3 years. To speed up the process, you can open additional premises, expand the staff and the list of services, develop additional projects (beauty salon, pet hotel).

The business plan of the veterinary clinic discussed in the article emphasizes that the veterinary clinic is a profitable business.

However, a rare novice entrepreneur has such an amount of investment and the need to work for the first 2-3 years just to recoup the initial investment.

Also, newcomers are frightened by the intricacies of licensing and legal business in general.

Therefore, before deciding to open a clinic, seriously evaluate your preparation. The love for animals is great. However, ambition and sincere interest alone are not enough.