Healthy food cafe business plan

Capital investments in business: from 1,530,000 rubles
Coffee restoration: 1.5-2 years

How to open a healthy food cafe is usually thought of by those people who are closely connected with this topic.

Any vegetarian, raw foodist or just a lover of organic food understands that finding an institution with a suitable menu is quite difficult.

But one desire is not enough to realize the idea.

An entrepreneur must know the subtleties and nuances of the organization.

We have collected all the necessary information in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of the idea to open a cafe

If you approach the idea not only as a way of self-realization, but as an entrepreneurial business, then you should reasonably weigh the pros and cons of this idea.

High profitability.Narrow niche: can affect the level of demand.
With a competent approach, the business pays off relatively quickly.High competition with other restaurant establishments.
There is a USP: customers are offered a special menu.It’s hard to find the right place.
The theme of a healthy lifestyle is “in trend”.High customer requirements for the quality of dishes.
The demand of the population is growing.Large capital investment to start a business.

Business plan for a healthy food cafe: planning

Business starts with planning.

Without drawing up a business plan, it is, of course, realistic to open an institution.

But the sad experience of some shows that more than 70% of young companies close after 6-12 months only because of the lack of a business development plan.

If you find it difficult to write a business plan, you can delegate the task to professionals.

Summary of Healthy Food Cafe Project

In the summary of the project, the entrepreneur must indicate information about the institution.

One of the important things is the name.

It should be attractive, memorable, but at the same time capacious.

Objectives and goals of the project

The main goal of the project will be based on the concept.

That is, to offer visitors healthy and tasty food.

To do this, a balanced menu is compiled, a nutritionist is invited to the team, and suppliers of quality products are looking for.

An additional goal of the project, which will help to obtain funding, is the creation of additional jobs.

Of course, this will only work for a large institution with a large staff.

Marketing analysis for a healthy food cafe

A marketing strategy is necessarily included in the business plan of a healthy food cafe.

As a rule, the directions of analysis and advertising methods used will not differ much from the standard ones.

However, there is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that you don’t have to invent.

It consists in the preparation of healthy and exceptionally healthy organic food.

It is worth betting on this when developing a marketing promotion plan.

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Target audience of a healthy food cafe

The concept appeals to a wide, but fairly specific audience.

The very atmosphere of the institution will be based on comfort, environmental friendliness, ease.

The main visitors are young people with an average and high income.

This is due to the fact that leading a healthy lifestyle is a fashion trend.

But it’s not the most accessible.

After all, the right food cannot be cheap, unlike substitutes and semi-finished products.

Another category of visitors is families.

Parents want their kids to be healthy, so fast food is no longer a popular pastime.

The third category of visitors are businessmen.

The cafe is suitable for business meetings and lunches.

Therefore, placing establishments near business centers will increase the number of visitors.

Schematically, the target audience can be represented as follows:

Advertising in the business plan of a healthy food cafe

One of the most promising sources of advertising is the Internet.

Use the following promotion methods:

  • site creation;
  • placement of advertising banners on thematic resources;
  • advertising in social networks (creation and promotion of pages);

But the standard methods are always relevant:

  • distribution of leaflets in crowded places near the institution;
  • placement of advertisements in regional newspapers or on television;
  • before the opening, you can distribute brochures with information in places where the potential target audience is concentrated (vegetarian food stores, fitness rooms, companies offering ethical and ecological cosmetics).

An advertising campaign cannot work effectively on its own.

To take full advantage of the methods used, the campaign must be regularly monitored and updated.

In what room and where to open a cafe?

The location of the cafe in the central part of the city is prestigious and attracts the right audience.

However, the specificity of a cafe offering healthy food allows you not to strive for high attendance.

The target audience of such an institution has a specific request.

And, to your delight, they will go on purpose.

Customers who are interested in healthy food will not go to the first cafe they come across.

Requirements for a healthy food cafe

Healthy food canteens are subject to the same requirements as other catering establishments.

This must be taken into account at the stage of searching for premises, choosing a building for rent that meets the conditions.

Otherwise, you will have to do the preparatory work yourself.

And it costs money and time.

Basic requirements for a coffee shop:

  • If the establishment is located in a residential building, it must provide high-quality sound insulation.
  • Water supply and sewerage must be carried out, the electrical network must work properly.
  • In addition to the client premises and the kitchen, it is necessary to equip technical premises for the staff (service toilet, warehouse, etc.).
  • The big advantage is the availability of parking spaces, convenient check-in and proximity to public transport stops.

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Health food cafe equipment

To operate a cafe with an area of ​​50 m2, you will need to purchase a not so extensive set of equipment.

As a rule, it costs about 250-300 thousand rubles.

The business plan contains a list of equipment, who will supply the equipment and install it.

Total:300 000 rub.
(electricity or gas)
Production tablestwo
Various kitchen utensils

How to look for suppliers to open a cafe?

Finding quality suppliers is one of the pillars on which a successful canteen is built.

This is especially important for an establishment that offers healthy and organic food to its customers.

When choosing providers, be guided by the following criteria:

  • A good option is family-type farms or eco-farms, which are easy enough to find on the Internet.
  • Health food cafes cannot use GMO foods.
  • It is important that the products are grown without chemical additives, growth stimulants and not treated with hazardous pesticides.
  • The location of the farm or economy is important: there should not be industrial centers nearby.
  • Stabilizers, flavors and other additives of chemical origin must not be used in cooking.

Staff in the business plan of a healthy food cafe

The staffing of a healthy food cafe will not differ much from other catering establishments.

In addition, it is recommended to include in the staff not only a technologist, but also a nutritionist.

This will allow you to form and adhere to the correct menu.

Indeed, for such a place it is important that the dishes are not only fresh, beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and healthy.

Job titleQuantitySalary (rub.)
Total:225 000 rub.
Cashier waiterfour20 000

If an entrepreneur has opened an LLC, he cannot do without the services of an accountant.

However, you can delegate this to outsourcing.

Cleaning of the premises is outsourced to an employee hired on an hourly basis, although this depends on the size of the establishment.

Calendar plan for opening a healthy food cafe

Event1 month2 months3 months
Registration and issuance of permitsHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
Conclusion of a lease agreementHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
Repair and design workHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
Supplier searchHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
Purchase and installation of equipmentHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
Personnel searchHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
Launch of an advertising campaignHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan
coffee startHealthy food cafe business planHealthy food cafe business plan

Financial section of the cafe business plan

The financial section is extremely important to a business plan. In it, the entrepreneur indicates information about costs and payback.

How much does it cost to open a health food cafe?

The capital investment in the decision to open a cafe will depend on the anticipated scale of the business.

Costs can be represented as follows:

Item of expensesCost, rub.)
Total:RUB 1,530,000
Repair work and decoration of premises100,000
Purchase of equipment300 000
Installation of equipment50,000
Printing (menu printing, flyers, etc.)15,000
Buy work uniform65 000
“Financial pillow” to create
an inventory and business development

Regular expenses for a healthy food cafe

An entrepreneur must have finances not only to open a healthy food cafe.

In addition, before reaching the depreciation point, you need to spend money on the maintenance of the coffee shop and its development.

Item of expensesCost, rub.)
Total:460 000 rub
Rent and utility payments65 000
Staff salary225 000
tax deductions20 000
other expenses50,000

An example of the successful operation of a healthy food cafe is presented in the video:

Payback period for a healthy food cafe

The profitability of a healthy food canteen is 40%.

With such indicators and the amount of investments, the institution will bear fruit in a year and a half.

However, much depends on how to open a healthy food cafe.

Profits can be affected by: attendance, floor space, assortment, merchandising methods.

Although the business is considered promising, beginners should be very careful when doing it on their own.

An ideal option for inexperienced entrepreneurs is to open a franchise business.