How to open your camp site from scratch?

Capital investments in the hostel – from 6,500,000 rubles.
► Recreation base depreciation period: from 2 years.

The need for quality rest is not included in the list of priority items of human expenditure.

However, each of us knows how important it is to pay attention to recuperation after labor exploits.

After all, the recreation center as a business has its customers even during the economic crisis.

All camps are created with one goal – to create comfortable conditions for guests in which they can relax, improve their health and spend their free time interestingly.

This industry is developing and does not slow down, which attracts many entrepreneurs.

However, opening a truly successful recreation center is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

What documents are needed to open a camp site?

For any activity to organize a business and make a profit, it is necessary to have registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

It is impossible to unambiguously answer the question which option is better.

All have their pros and cons.”

Let’s compare in what situation it is worth choosing an individual entrepreneur, and in which LLC, if you decide to open a camp:

A sole trader is a person who has registered as an entrepreneur. Suitable if you plan to open a camp on your own.LLC is a legal entity. Unlike an individual entrepreneur, an LLC provides for the presence of several founders.
Simplified taxation system, you can do without an accountant. It is easy to generate and send reports, so the entrepreneur can do it himself.As a general rule, it is necessary to hire an accountant on staff or conclude an agreement with a company for outsourcing tasks. LLCs must maintain complex accounting records that are almost impossible to master from scratch and without proper education.
Individual entrepreneurs are registered as small enterprises – organizations in which all the work can be done independently.An LLC requires at least one employee. At the same time, there is more trust in the LLC both among customers and among partners. The LLC status is considered more solid and reliable.

In addition, it will not be necessary to obtain additional licenses for activities.

In the future, the documentary bureaucracy is associated only with the place where the recreation center was opened.

The first step is choosing a suitable location (later we will talk about what is considered “suitable”).

If it is found, a study of the soil will be carried out, as well as the development of an architectural design and a construction project.

These documents will be considered by the city administration, which will issue a permit for construction work.

The procedure for submitting documents, as well as your own list, differ depending on the region chosen for the activity and the requirements of the current legislation.

Marketing analysis for opening a recreation center

How to open a campsite is only part of the story.

It is necessary to “prove” the relevance of this idea in advance.

If you open a recreation center in the wrong place, do not launch an advertising campaign, or simply offer unclaimed services, then neither professional staff nor the beautiful equipment of the hall will save you.

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List of competitive advantages

“Business is like playing chess and you have to think several moves ahead.”
Ted Turner

One of the key steps in promoting a recreation center is the ability to highlight competitive advantages.

The demand for the services of a tourist destination has led to the emergence of high competition.

To stand out from other hostels, you have to offer your customers something special.

Low pricesA popular form of competitive advantage is to offer customers relatively low prices at the outset. This will attract the first guests and iron out the possible omissions that usually happen at the beginning of work.
Special ServicesThere are campsites that attract certain categories of clients. For example, with all the conditions for successful fishing. Or bases for rest with small children. The presence of a “chip” will allow you to determine a specific channel for receiving guests for a targeted advertising campaign.
Cleaning and maintenanceIn the minds of many recreation centers are still closely connected with the times of the USSR. Therefore, such simple elements as cleaning, new reform and Wi-Fi are already competitive advantages.

Methods for promoting the recreation center as a business

The mere presence of benefits is not enough.

To attract people who can appreciate them, it is important to invest effort and money in an advertising campaign.

The recreation center as a business can be promoted in the following ways:

  1. Word of mouth is the best way to promote any type of business, including campsites.In order to be talked about, carefully approach the selection of professionals for the staff, follow the work of the team, be interested in the impressions of guests about the rest.It is also important that feedback be prompt and thoughtful.
  2. For advertising campsites, standard advertising methods are also effective: advertising in newspapers and magazines, advertising on television, using outdoor advertising.
  3. The recreation center must have a high-quality website on the Internet.Before going anywhere, most tourists carefully study all possible information: photos, descriptions, reviews.
    If there is little or no information, poor quality photos and misspelled text, this will scare away most of the customers.
  4. To promote your recreation center, communicate on various thematic forums and sites.There you can get feedback from potential guests, answer their questions and consider any suggestions.
  5. Find companies with which you can enter into a mutual association agreement.For example, with training centers that organize training courses or retreats.

How to choose accommodation for a camp site?

Choosing the location of the land plot on which you will open your recreation center is the main stage in organizing a business.

After all, future success will depend on the convenience of the chosen place.

To choose where to open a campsite, pay attention to the following factors:

  • The presence of nearby forests, plantations, groves is one of the essential attributes of the recreation center.The fact that there is a clean and natural environment around is perceived by most guests as an obvious and mandatory element.
  • If there is also a body of water near the campsite, this is a great advantage.Of course, if it is clean, suitable for the bathroom, does not emit an unpleasant odor and is not a source of a large number of insects.
  • Recreation centers should be removed from settlements.But exactly the distance that is easy to overcome by car or bus.
  • Focus on the estimated capacity of the base.According to it, the territory of the site is selected.It takes up a lot of space, but should not seem gloomy.

Important! It is not necessary to consider the territory of protected areas for the placement of a recreation center. You simply cannot get permission to build a camp in this place. And if you find an opportunity, then spend a lot of nerves and money.

To open your own camp, you need to pay attention to the old sanatoriums or children’s camps.

They often have a good location, the territory is divided into zones, there is pure nature around.

Sometimes even old buildings and communications can be used (it is enough to repair them and equip them with modern equipment).

The disadvantage of this choice is only the difficulty of finding such a place.

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Necessary equipment for your recreation center

When the issue with the site is resolved and the campsite is built, the next serious stage begins: how to equip the recreation center in such a way as to satisfy the needs of customers, but not go broke?

Consider an approximate list of equipment that will be required to open a small camp.

NameCost, rub.)
Communications in each camping room or in separately organized bathrooms (shower, toilet, washbasin, various accessories)How to open your campsite from scratch?How to open your campsite from scratch?10 000/number
Furniture for each room of the recreation center (beds, wardrobes, bedside tables)How to open your campsite from scratch?How to open your campsite from scratch?10 000/number
Arrangement of the kitchen and dining room (appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes and appliances for guests)How to open your campsite from scratch?How to open your campsite from scratch?1,000,000
Additional equipment for organizing leisure activities (fishing tackle, sports equipment, etc.).How to open your campsite from scratch?How to open your campsite from scratch?50,000
Buying fresh food (1-2 times a week)How to open your campsite from scratch?How to open your campsite from scratch?240 000/1 month
Hygiene products, household chemicals (purchase 1 time in 2-3 months)How to open your campsite from scratch?How to open your campsite from scratch?5000/1 month

We select personnel

Consider what list of employees is needed to open your camp:

Job titleQuantitySalary (rub.)
Total:ten182 000 rub
Nursea19 000

If we are talking about a small campsite, at first all the work can be done independently.

Some recruit family members to help.

This results in significant savings.

However, in the future, you will have to hire new people anyway if you want to expand and develop.

Finding employees will not be difficult, as no special knowledge or qualifications are required. Although experience in similar positions is a significant advantage.

Think about how your employees will get to and from work. Most of the time, the camps are located far from populated areas, and employees live there, in rooms reserved for staff.

However, after the end of the shift or season, they will need to be delivered to the nearest bus station.

How much does it cost to open your own recreation center?

Opening your own recreation center is not cheap, everyone understands this.

The main items of expenditure are land rent, investments in the construction and air conditioning of the camp, regular expenses for the payment of wages to employees.

Due to different capacity, location and other factors, the cost of opening a recreation center can vary greatly.

For example, a small recreation center “for yourself” with 10-15 rooms will cost you 6-8 million rubles.

But a cottage-type camp with more than 20 houses, which will occupy more than 10 hectares of land, can be opened for at least 100-150 million rubles.

In the approximate calculations below, we will consider the first option for opening the camp.

Initial investment

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
Total:RUB 6,500,000
Registration of activities, the procedure for
the creation of land and projects
20 000
Construction of a recreation center4,000,000
Layout of premises (residential and office)2,000,000
Conducting electricity, sewerage, water supply200 000
Purchase of equipment, utensils and other100,000
Creation of a food reserve50,000
Other expenses for the operation of the campsite50,000
Advertising campaign (creation of websites, advertising on television,
advertising on radio, in newspapers); creation of signs and signals
80 000

Regular investments

In addition to capital investments in opening a recreation center, you must have a financial reserve to ensure the operation of your business and its development.

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
Total:562 000 rub
Land lease60 000
Communal payments15,000
Tax deductions from shelters55 000
Employee salary182 000
Buying Consumables150 000
Buying products100,000

For the successful opening of the camp, please also read the information in this video:

Payback periods and profitability of the recreation center

The payback period and the level of profitability of the recreation center depends on many factors:

  • how well the place for the camp is chosen;
  • What is the average number of guests at the same time resting at your base (never use the maximum technical capacity of the camp in calculations);
  • the basic format is a weekend vacation, work only in the summer, rest all year round.

If we consider the option of a small recreation center, in which 6,000,000-8,000,000 rubles were invested, then the average payback period will be 2 years.

Answering the question of how to open your own camp, it remains to sum up: the implementation of this business idea will require large capital investments that will pay off in more than a year.

The recreation center is a long-term option.

Therefore, organizational issues must be addressed immediately in detail and with due attention.

You can make small adjustments on the fly.”

But for this it is important to initially provide yourself with a solid and reliable base.